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The large amount of private schools and universities in Switzerland can be overwhelming. I contacted SIEPS and provided them with my specific requirements. Not only did I receive clear and precise comparisons of various private schools and universities but everything matched my specific requirements. Perfect!
General Information Swiss private Schools & Universities. Client specific educational and legal advice. Student housing services. Guarantorship. Personal and corporate guarantees in relation to housing. Integration assistance. Administrative support. Translations. Job networking. Airport shuttle; other transport. SIEPS is your one stop solution, your facilitator and thus your central contact in Switzerland and beyond. SIEPS cuts across  cultural and language barriers. We work in  English, French and German. SIEPS offers a client specific service.
Key Operational Areas of SIEPS “ Educational Services
The SIEPS Education Database includes some of the most significant and oldest international schools and private universities in Switzerland. Included in the database are all accreditation agencies as well as an exhaustive list of degrees offered by Swiss private schools & universities. The database is fully searchable. SIEPS guarantees the quality of its Education Database by the following  quality control measures: Only private schools and universities which SIEPS has visited and  evaluated are included in the SIEPS database. SIEPS familiarises itself with the information which is to be published  and clarifies any questions before publishing the course details and  requirements. Total transparency with regard to faculty members, class size,  nationality mix, grading system, class attendance, recreational  activities and boarding house facilities, where applicable. Clear information on accreditation levels with links to the websites of the accreditation bodies is also provided. Encouraging feedback from students who have been placed by SIEPS in various educational institutions. Giving feedback in a general manner to the educational institutions  concerned, so that the most appreciated elements can be  maintained, and the least appreciated aspects can be improved upon.  Consequently, what has been published has been verified and understood, which, in turn, ensures the quality of our recommendations. 
Education Database
SIEPS offers a large array of educational services and advice for students, employers and parents alike. These services are described in more detail under the headings below. General Information Services on Swiss Private Schools and Universities: Information on Educational Programmes.  This service applies to students who have already decided on an educational programme and simply wish to receive information on the programme concerned from different educational institutions in order to be able to compare the programme contents, entrance dates and requirements including the financial terms and conditions. SIEPS recommends educational programmes of only those private educational institutions which SIEPS has visited and with which SIEPS has drawn up a collaboration agreement that guarantees transparency with regard to faculty members, class size, nationality mix, grading system, class attendance, recreational activities and boarding house facilities to mention only a few examples. Client specific Educational Advice to students, parents, and employers: Educational Advice.  This service category applies when SIEPS is required to compare programmes for you; when SIEPS is to perform some research into various educational programmes in terms of your specific requirements, such as:  a specific starting date? a specific price range? a specific nationality mix? a specific class size? high school equivalency if you have either no high school diploma or a high school diploma other than International Baccalaureate; Swiss Maturité; German Arbitur; English A-levels; American High School Diploma? This service also applies when SIEPS is required to liaise with one or more educational institutions on your behalf in order to find answers to your specific questions. SIEPS is not a school. Consequently, SIEPS identifies in all objectivity the best possible educational options in terms of your educational background, requirements and expectations. Handling and compiling your application for one or more educational institutions: Handling and compiling your application.  Focusing on three key areas: Pre-requisites: Ensuring that you do satisfy the entrance requirements of the  educational institution which you have decided to join; or advising you as to how you can satisfy such requirements. Study plan: Established in an optimal manner. Coordination of your various educational aspirations: If you have decided on more than one option. SIEPS guarantees the quality of its recommendations by following up on your progress in the programmes SIEPS has recommended to you. Aptitude tests *: The degree of our success is very often a function of our educational and professional pursuits being as much as possible aligned with our natural aptitudes. Aptitude tests are recommended to candidates who are still in doubt about their natural inclinations and talents. Aptitude tests are arranged upon request.     Career counselling *: Career counselling, including assistance with job application and training for selection interviews, is particularly appreciated by students looking for internships / work opportunities during their studies or by graduating candidates who want to start their professional career.   Private tuition and language tests and other official testing: Private Tuition:  SIEPS arranges for private tuition in various subjects (including business English and other languages): In preparation for entry into or continuation of various educational programmes. For revision. In preparation for various external tests and examinations (language and other tests / examinations). Language tests:  As an official proof of your language skills. SIEPS informs you about examination centres and the contents and the  level of the examinations.  SIEPS, at your request, registers you for these tests and examinations. The official proof of the level of your skills in the language in which you wish to study gives you the best chance with your visa and course applications. Testing other than languages and aptitude:  Other tests and examinations: TOEIC, Cambridge First Certificate, TOEFL, DELF, GMAT. * The career counselling and aptitude sessions are conducted by psychologists or other qualified counsellors with multi-disciplinary expertise. SIEPS arranges for a first appointment (free of charge) together with the counsellor to determine your actual requirements and permitting the elaboration of a written offer, in terms of your needs and objectives.
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