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I had no idea how complicated is was to find appropriate housing in Switzerland. The search, the language barrier and finally all the legal aspects including the financial guarantees seemed overwhelming. I contacted SIEPS and they took care of everything including the financial guarantees! Perfect!
General Information Swiss private Schools & Universities. Client specific educational and legal advice. Student housing services. Guarantorship. Personal and corporate guarantees in relation to housing. Integration assistance. Administrative support. Translations. Job networking. Airport shuttle; other transport. SIEPS is your one stop solution, your facilitator and thus your central contact in Switzerland and beyond. SIEPS cuts across  cultural and language barriers. We work in  English, French and German. SIEPS offers a client specific service.
Key Operational Areas of SIEPS “ Housing Services
The SIEPS Housing Database has been compiled for students, parents, professors, employees and employers alike. When we select housing options for the publishing in our housing database, special attention is given to satisfying the requirements of our clients. Consequently, our housing database lists available housing options in proximity to: Educational Centres reflected in our Education Database. The locations of employers offering jobs as per our jobs database.  If you are a housing object owner or a real estate agency and wish to publish your housing offerings in our housing database, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Housing Database
Whether you seek a single room studio or a luxury apartment, SIEPS will address your requirements and help you to find an accommodation in Switzerland. SIEPS offers a large array of housing services as described in more detail under the headings below. Entering a rental agreement in Switzerland usually requires a 3 months in advance paid deposit equal to the amount required for 3 months of rent. Additionally, the rent for the first month of occupancy is payable in advance. A furnished studio apartment with kitchen and bathroom facilities typically rents starts from CHF1000.- per month. Housing Search: This service consists of the following options: Sending you, by email, housing proposals in terms of your requirements. Checking the availability of the housing options which you might have selected from our website. Making the appointments for you to visit the housing which you have selected.  Accompanying you to visit the housing.   SIEPS as Guarantor: This service is for students who cannot obtain housing in their own name or their parents’ name and who need a guarantor. SIEPS will provide corporate and personal guarantees.  In this capacity SIEPS will attend to the following requirements: Compiling the application(s) to rent the housing of your choice. Pay monthly rent and charges (and other bills if required). Draw up payment schedules and to provide photocopies of the pertaining vouchers.  Manage any issue relating to your housing. Attend to the apartment hand-over meetings: when you enter and when you leave. Entry meeting: to note down the condition in which the apartment is handed over to you. Exit meeting: to determine as to whether the apartment has suffered any deterioration beyond what could be defined as “normal wear and tear”, during your stay.   Apartment cleaning: When you hand back your apartment to the Real Estate agency from which it has been rented, it has to be in perfect condition. If this is not the case, the agency will appoint a company to have it professionally cleaned.  SIEPS will arrange for quotations for professional cleaning of your apartment and coordinate the entire process.     Furniture moving & storage: SIEPS will obtain quotations for the moving, and, if applicable, the storage of your furniture and coordinate the entire process
SIEPS IT Division
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