To all our current and former clients and their parents,
collaborating real estate agencies, private real estate owners,
and educational institutions,

Due to a shift in our activities and our allocation of time, we have been gradually phasing out our housing and educational information services. With regard to housing, please find below some of the contacts with whom we have been dealing and through whom you might continue to find housing, sometimes even without the necessity of a Swiss-based guarantor:

NAEF Immobilier Lausanne SA – furnished and unfurnished housing – all types
Vision apartments – furnished housing at very flexible rental conditions
OK Logements S.A. – furnished housing
Studiomodernes – furnished studios at very reasonable tariffs
Swiss Advise, Mrs. Caroline Moser – furnished housing

The above list is by no means exhaustive but is meant to give some examples of what is possible without the assistance of SIEPS S.A.

We take this opportunity to convey to you our heartfelt thanks for your loyalty, trust and most pleasant collaboration which you have demonstrated towards SIEPS S.A. during the past 18 years.

Whilst we shall miss the diversity of our clients with regard to nationality, culture, and language, we are certain, that the internet has reached maturity over the past 18 years which allows easy access to available housing. Many educational institutions, like EPFL, for example, have created their own housing for students.

We conclude our announcement, by thanking you all again from the bottom of our hearts, for not only the work you have entrusted to us, but also for the joy and challenges we had the pleasure to experience, whilst collaborating with you all.

Thank you.

Carmen Picard
Carmen Picard and colleagues. SIEPS S.A.