Webster University GE

Business School #95#


Founded: 1978

Language: English

Size: > 200 students


Collex 15, Route de




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Term Dates
March, August (undergraduate)
March October (graduate)


In house Housing Services.

Offers online degrees over internet.

Alumni Network 110'000 members worldwide. Alumni Services, Alumni employers, Career Service Office (CSO), World Traveler Program, Academic Advising Services.


The original University was founded in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA in 1915. The first international campus was established in Geneva in 1978.

This University in Geneva is an independent, non-profit institution of higher education offering bachelors’ and masters’ degrees in the humanities, social sciences, business, management, information technology and media communications. This University has international campuses in Europe (London, Leiden, Vienna, Geneva) and Asia (Thailand, Shanghai). In Switzerland, this University is incorporated as a nonprofit Swiss Foundation. Students can spend one or more semesters studying at an international campus.

This University is accredited in the United States by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. This accreditation applies to all of the university’s programs in all locations.The university’s Living and Learning Center houses 49 students. It offers fully furnished single studios and 2-bedroom shared housing units. First year students are required to live on campus. The university’s Housing Office helps students find off-campus housing.At this educational centre, the concept of an international education becomes reality, as 600 students from over 90 countries come together as a community of learners engaged by a faculty representing 25 nations. A Webster education is attentive and personal. We care about your development both as a person and a professional.

Our faculty is comprised of 100 faculty members from 25 countries.Our academic facilities are modern, attractive and well equipped. We recently opened our new off-campus residence (in addition to our on-campus one), in a building dedicated to our students. And we have excellent recreational facilities featuring a fitness center, a game room, and an entertainment center.
This educational centre is a real American university campus! Geneva and the surrounding countryside bring added dimensions to your education. Given the presence of the United Nations and other major international organizations, many important international businesses and the largest private banking center in the world. Our students have the opportunity to take advantage of the resources offered by these institutions to augment classroom learning.

And when it comes to recreation, whether skiing, hiking, climbing, or cycling, the Alps offer some of the best sporting terrain in the world, and they are right at your doorstep! Geneva is situated in the heart of Europe so when you want to immerse yourself in the culture of other European cities, places like Paris, Rome, Madrid, Vienna, Berlin, London and Amsterdam are all accessible in less than two hours by air, and rail service in and out of Geneva is first rate.And how about the rest of the world? When you are admitted to our University in Geneva, you are admitted to an international university network where the world is your campus. You are able to study in London, Leiden, or Vienna if your goal is to stay in Europe; but opportunities also await you in Thailand, China, Japan, Central or South America and the United States. I invite you to join the our University community of learners and engage in an international educational experience without parallel.