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In 2017, we are proud to celebrate 55 years of excellence at Glion Institute of Higher Education (GIHE).

Since 1962, Glion has set high standards for academic quality as a Swiss hotel school earning an excellent reputation among hospitality managers worldwide. Based on the votes of industry professionals, it received the award for "Best Hospitality Management School in the World" at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards (WHA) in Paris in 2015, and it received the award for "Best Innovation in an Academic Program" in 2016.

From it's legacy as a Swiss hotel school, Glion has evolved to become the international institute of higher education - with campuses in Switzerland and London,UK - delivering premium, personalized education and preparing graduates to meet complex challenges in the fast-growing fields of hospitality, hotels, tourism, sport and events, and the luxury industry.
Our institute is represented worldwide by the Glion Alumni Association that includes more than13,000 alumni in over 150 countries. These highly respected industry professionals have forged Glion's reputation for excellence as an international hospitality business school offering event management and hospitality degrees which nurture leadership skills. To celebrate Glion's 55th anniversary, we're proud to share this special commemorative booklet featuring 55 Glion Alumni success stories.