Ecole Lémania

International School #100#


Founded: 1908




Preville 3, Ch. de



+41 21 312 67 00




Term Dates
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Founded in 1908 and has steadily grown to become an important chain of private schools in Switzerland, with 12 schools and over 3000 students to be found in the towns of Geneva, Lausanne, Sierre and Sion. 

We offer a wide choice of curriculi in various disciplines and at all levels, spanning secondary school levels all the way through university.Mission:* Welcoming and preparing pupils and students for success in the studies they undertake and the acquisition of the diploma/degree they seek. 

Our approach is based on the founding principle of our school:to offer the pupil/student a faster study path than more traditionnal systems while maintaining the same high academic standards.* Giving a quality education geared towards, and directly applicable to, professional life and practices.* Providing professional counsel with regard to the students’ expressed educational needs in the form of individual follow-ups for each and every student/pupil.Our values:* To allow each and every person, regardless of age and prior academic choice, to achieve the academic goal corresponding to his/her desires.* To establish and maintain the necessary and appropriate balance between the student’s potential, his/her aspirations and our educational offerings.* To share our knowledge – as well as our savoir faire and savoir vivre – in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.Our approach:* 

We welcome, without prejudice, people of all nationalities, creed and religion. The presence of over 50 nationalities among our pupils and students testifies to the open-mindedness on which our school prides itself.* Our entire teaching staff complies with the rules and regulations stipulated by the collective conventiens governing private education in the canton of Vaud.* All of our professors have been licensed to teach by the canton of Vaud.* We actively participate in the constant evolution of the educational sector and belong to associations whose aim is to ensure the development and maintenance of quality education.* We take upon ourselves to constantly re-evaluate the quality of the education we provide and bring about the necessary changes based upon the demands of ours clients, within the formal framework of an ongoing reassessment procedure.