Doctor of International Relations

The Doctor of International Relations (DIR) Programme is the highest degree offered in diplomacy. This terminal professional degree is as rigorous as it is rewarding. Excellent students with at least a Master’s degree in International Relations or a closely related field and five years’ work experience in an appropriate field are eligible to apply. In special cases, ten years’ professional experience in a related field may be considered in lieu of a Master’s degree.The doctorate of International Relations is a prestigious, well-rounded programme that brings together exciting class work with meticulous independent research. The doctoral programme is extremely challenging as any such degree should be. However, it is also flexible: all courses are typically taught on Saturdays and students are assigned helpful, attentive, and expert advisors to help guide the research process. Applying themselves fully, students from both the public and private sectors have successfully balanced their career and the doctoral programme, completing the degree in two years.A number of students will often also use the doctorate programme to prepare a book they have perhaps long contemplated writing. In some of these cases the students' faculty is often even able to assist with the book's publication.