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Quality Assurance for Tourism Education, Training and Research ProgrammesUNWTO. TedQual is a UNWTO Themis Foundation programme whose main objective is to improve the quality of the tourism education, training and research programmes. For this purpose, evaluation criteria– universally applicable to any institution – have been defined to seek, among other things, to measure the efficiency of their academic system, as well as their degree of incorporation of the tourism industry and students needs to those programmes.To this end, in 1998, the UNWTO Education and Training Department and the UNWTO. Themis Foundation created what is now the fundamental pillar of the Programme: the UNWTO. TedQual Certification System, which is composed of a series of evaluation criteria - universally applicable to any tourism education, training and research programme - that makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of the pedagogical system as well as to which extent are covered the needs of the tourism sector, civil society and the students in such programmes.