MS  #114SION

Middle School

Aiglon College 

The third form, which is normally the year in which pupils reach the age of 14, is an opportunity to study a wide range of subjects in preparation for the GCSE and IGCSE examination courses to come.  At the end of the third form, pupils have a number of choices to make as they start on the two year (I)GCSE programme which runs through the fourth and fifth years.

For (I)GCSE, pupils study a number of core subjects, including Maths and English, but they also have the opportunity to take some elective courses.  There are a wide range of subjects on offer, to allow students to find subjects in which they have a real interest and enthusiasm.  Most (I)GCSE courses include a mixture of end of course examinations and internally assessed coursework, and some, such as GCSE Drama, include significant assessed practical activity.