JS  #113SION

Junior School

 Aiglon College 

The four junior school years are characterised by excitement and curiosity.  The curriculum is balanced between a focus on core subjects - English, Maths and Science - to ensure a firm base for later study, and exposure to a wide range of other subjects to allow pupils to develop their own interests and aptitudes.  Most importantly of all, the teaching and the curriculum aim to ensure that pupils develop a love of learning for its own sake that will carry them through the rest of their school days and beyond.

The first two years, BPF1 and BPF2, have an additional distinction.  Lessons are taught in a careful mixture of French and English.  This bilingual curriculum gives pupils who come through these two forms a remarkable opportunity to grow up accustomed to working in two languages.

For pupils whose first language is not English, Junior ESL forms allow them to develop both their English language skills and their subjects skills working with specialist language support teachers.  This high level of provision ensures that proficiency in English is mastered without falling behind in key academic subjects.

The K2 differentiated learning programme runs throughout the junior school, ensuring that pupils of high ability are challenged in all lessons, and this, combined with a staff pupil ratio of better than 1:6, allows pupils of whatever background to work at the right pace for them.