Executive MBA

 Business School Lausanne 

The Executive Master of Business Administration program (EMBA) is the link between your current professional experience and your future. Our EMBA program  provides you with a solid business foundation, allowing you to perform effectively in all areas of any organization.

When designing our EMBA program, we took into consideration the input of 30 international CEOs and HR-directors on the top 3 qualities of future leaders.

The result is a program that combines essential soft and hard skills that shape you into a self-aware, responsible management professional and gives you the foundation to grow as a leader.

A part-time study program

  • Modules are scheduled on Saturdays and in blocks of three-day modules from Thursday to Saturday. These three-day modules make up a total of 18 work days away from office spread over 1.5 years, allowing you to continue full-time employment.

Experiential Learning

  • Professors are seasoned  business practitioners. Their real-life personal successes and first-hand experience help to illustrate the current state of affairs in the business world.
  • Practical learning including real-life simulations, strategy games, case studies and guest speakers.
  • An opportunity to prove your ability  in a real-life consulting project at your company or a project of your choice, and in turn broadening your employment possibilities in an existing or new role.

Diverse and Experienced Group

  • Mature class with an average of 12 years’ business experience.*
  • Participants coming from 15 countries, allowing you to develop an important global network for life.
  • Small classes with a maximum of 20 students.

* the minimum required amount of professional experience is 5 years, including some managerial experience.

Leadership skills
We believe that success is determined by good leader who possess certain leadership characteristics. We take leadership skills as seriously as subject knowledge and have integrated personal leadership modules into the program, representing 40% of our EMBA foundation courses. Leadership development is first and foremost about personal development.

Our way of applying this is by integrating the top 3 requirements as defined by the CEOs who were in collaboration with the program design:

  • Ability to lead and be flexible to change
  • Be an authentic communicator
  • Ability to easily adapt to different perspectives

The program is designed to develop these three competences.