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I needed information and assistance in finding the right school or university in Switzerland. SIEPS was my solution! I could not provide financial guarantees for housing required by Swiss law. SIEPS provided corporate and private guarantees. The legal advice and the translation services were such a time saver! SIEPS provides administrative services for students & parents that streamline the whole integration process.
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SIEPS represents a “ONE STOP SOLUTION” to all your needs associated with studying,  working and living in Switzerland. SIEPS offers a client specific service. We familiarise ourselves with your expectations, but also with your educational and, where applicable, professional background, so as to ensure that our recommendations with regard to educational institutions and programmes match your profile. SIEPS handles the registration and administration associated with your new educational, professional and housing requirements in Switzerland and beyond. SIEPS will, on your behalf, seek out the best housing & accommodation options available to you and in relation to your requirements. If you have just completed your education and you are looking for an international job  opportunity, SIEPS posts your CV, Resume, work experience and expectations online. Your submission is then available to all the contacts SIEPS has established around the world. SIEPS has more than 20 years of experience in the Swiss educational and professional  services industries. The President of SIEPS is a founding member of one of Europe’s most  recognised business schools located in Switzerland. VISA / Permit requests, educational services, administrative services, professional & career services, housing & accommodation, transport and integration processes...
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SIEPS  P.O. BOX 277  CH-1024 Ecublens  Rte. de la Maladière 16 CH-1022 Chavannes SUISSE (SWITZERLAND) TEL: +41 (0) 21 616 00 11  FAX: +41 (0) 21 616 00 12  Email:
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