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Whether   you   seek   a   single   room   studio   or   a   luxury   apartment,   SIEPS   will   address   your requirements   and   help   you   to   find   housing   &   accommodation   in   Switzerland.   SIEPS   offers a large array of housing services as described in more detail under the headings below. Finding   housing   in   Switzerland   is   not   as   simple   as   it   seems.   The   saturated   Swiss   rental markets,   the   language   barrier,   the   housing   search   (time   consuming),   the   endless   visits, and   then   the   question   of   financial   guarantees.   SIEPS   handles   the   whole   process   for   you! Furthermore,    SIEPS   will    provide    personal    and    corporate    financial    guarantees    for   your housing so you can move in immediately! Entering   a   rental   agreement   in   Switzerland   usually   requires   a   3   months   in   advance   paid deposit   equal   to   the   amount   required   for   3   months   of   rent.   Additionally,   the   rent   for   the first   month   of   occupancy   is   payable   in   advance. A   furnished   studio   apartment with   kitchen and bathroom facilities typically rents starts from CHF1000.- per month.
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Housing Search

This service consists of the following options: Sending you, by email, housing proposals in terms of your requirements. Checking   the   availability   of   the   housing   options   which   you   might   have   selected   from our website. Making the appointments for you to visit the housing which you have selected.  Accompanying you to visit the housing.

SIEPS as Guarantor

Important information for non-Swiss students Estate   agencies   require   a   guarantor   in   Switzerland   in   addition   to   a   rent   deposit.   This   is   a person   domiciled   in   Switzerland,   who   by   his   signature   guarantees   payment   of   rent.   In case   of   non-payment,   the   estate   agency   will   turn   against   that   person   to   get   the   non-rent set. SIEPS   will   serve   as   Guarantor.   This   service   is   for   students   who   cannot   obtain   housing   in their   own   name   or   their   parents’   name   and   who   need   a   guarantor.   SIEPS   will   provide corporate and personal financial guarantees.  In this capacity SIEPS will attend to the following requirements: Compiling the application(s) to rent the housing of your choice. Pay monthly rent and charges (and other bills if required). Draw up payment schedules and to provide photocopies of the pertaining vouchers.  Manage any issue relating to your housing. Attend to the apartment hand-over meetings: when you enter and when you leave. Entry meeting: to note down the condition in which the apartment is handed over to you. Exit meeting: to determine as to whether the apartment has suffered any deterioration    beyond   what    could    be    defined    as    “normal   wear and tear”, during your stay. WHAT ARE FINANCIAL GUARANTEES? A   financial   housing   guarantee   in   Switzerland   is   in   general   a   deposit   of   3   months’   worth   of rent,   which   is   blocked   in   a   trust   account   until   the   end   of   the   rental   period,   therefore cannot   be   used   to   compensate   for   outstanding   rent   payments   during   the   rental   period.   It is   held   there   essentially   for   damage   caused   to   the   apartment   during   the   rental   period which   is   not   covered   by   the   tenants’   insurance.   Once   the   tenant   has   left   the   apartment,   all damage   has   been   repaired,   and   rent   payments   are   all   up   to   date,   the   agency   releases   the entirety of the deposit back to the tenant.

Apartment Cleaning

When   you   hand   back   your   apartment   to   the   Real   Estate   agency   from   which   it   has   been rented,   it   has   to   be   in   perfect   condition.   If   this   is   not   the   case,   the   agency   will   appoint   a company to have it professionally cleaned.  SIEPS    will    arrange    for    quotations    for    professional    cleaning    of    your    apartment    and coordinate the entire process.

Furniture moving & storage

SIEPS    will    obtain    quotations    for    the    moving,    and,    if    applicable,    the    storage    of    your furniture and coordinate the entire process.
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About Housing in Switzerland

   Where to start? - The SIEPS Housing Database

SIEPS   has   more   than   25   years   of   experience   in   the   real   estate   market   in   Switzerland.   We understand    our    clients,    their    culture,    preferences    and    requirements    and    we    make available   to   them   our   network   of   partners   and   professionals   in   the   real   estate   market   in Switzerland. Our   housing   objects   under   management   are   selected   and   tailor   provided   to   our   clients’ needs. We provide you the right housing object in the right location! When   we   select   housing   options   for   the   publishing   in   our   Housing   Database,   special attention   is   given   to   satisfying   the   requirements    of   our   clients   &   partners.   Consequently, our housing database provides available housing & accommodation options in relation to: Proximity of Schools & Universities. Proximity of public transport. Proximity of services & shopping facilities
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