Passports & Visas

The   Swiss   authorities   may   require   up   to   three   months   to   process   a   study   visa   application from the date such application is submitted to the Swiss Embassy or Consulate. Applicants   who   seek   to   enter   Switzerland   with   a   valid   passport   from   any   of   the   countries mentioned   below   must   be   in   possession   of   a   STUDY   VISA   issued   by   a   Swiss   Embassy   or Consulate before entering Switzerland for the purposes of studying only: EUROPE:   Turkey   and   Eastern   Countries,   except   Bulgaria,   Hungary,   Latvia,   Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. AFRICA: All Countries. ASIA:  All Countries, except Brunei, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. OCEANIA: All Countries, except New Zealand. AMERICAS: All Countries. Applicants    from    all    countries    are    required    to    have    a    STUDENT    PERMIT    to    stay    in Switzerland   for   the   purpose   of   studying   only.   The   STUDENT   PERMIT   application   form    will be requested on arrival by the school official. The    applicant    can    not    be    accompanied    by    other    members    of    his/her    family    while studying   in   Switzerland.   Family   members.   Partners/family   members   are   not   included   in   a study visa and can only enter Switzerland with a Tourist Visa. A   TOURIST   VISA    does   NOT   satisfy   the   above   requirements   and   does   NOT   authorise   a student with a foreign passport to study in Switzerland.

Important Numbers in Switzerland

EMERGENCY CALLS 117 Police 118 Fire 144 Ambulance 1414 Swiss Rescue GENERAL ENQUIRIES 1811 General inquiries, e.g. doctors, theatres, etc. 140 Breakdown service 162 Weather report 163 Road report 187 Avalanche Report For   general   inquiry   calls   from   Germany   or   Austria,   the   number   must   be   preceded   by   the following   dialling   code:   0041   848   800   xxx   (e.g.   1811   or   162). Addresses   and   phone   numbers can be looked very simply online at . PHONING HOME AND WITHIN SWITZERLAND If   calling   from   Switzerland, you   need   to   enter   the   international   country   code.   For   example, for   Germany   the   international   country   code   is   "+49",   for   France   "+33".   The   country   code   is followed    by    the    area    code    (without    the    "0")    as    shown    in    the    following    example: "+49221123456".   As   a   rule,   the   "+"   sign   appears   if   you   press   and   hold   the   "0"   key   for   a   few seconds. As   a   rule,   all   hotels   add   a   surcharge   for   phone   calls. With   the   Swiss   phone   card   (Taxcard©) you    can    make    cashless    domestic    and    international    calls    from    public    phone    boxes    in Switzerland.   The   Taxcard©   can   be   purchased   from   Swisscom   Shops,   post   offices,   kiosks and petrol stations for CHF 5, CHF 10 and CHF 20 denominations.
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Study Permit Procedure

PERMIT PROCEDURE (B permit for studies purpose) B   permit   (permis   de   séjour)   is   an   annual   residence   permit.   It   gives   you   the   right   to   live   in Switzerland for 180 days a year or more . It has to be renewed every year. European   or   non-European   students   who   have   just   arrived   in   Switzerland   have   to   apply for   a   B   permit   within   a   maximum   of   8   days   after   their   arrival   in   Switzerland.   The   foreign student   must   go   personally   to   the   “Contrôle   des   habitants”   of   their   town   of   residence with the   following   documents. The   permit   application will   only   be   processed when   a   complete file has been received. Be sure to include all documents. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY THE “CONTROLE DES HABITANTS” 1 . “Arrival Report” completed and signed by the students. 2 . Attestation of studies and study plan (provided by School / University). 3 . Letter   of   motivation   dated   and   signed   mentioning:   -   reasons   for   choosing   to   study   in Switzerland   - why   -any   future   plans   after   completion   of   studies   –   explain   the   reasons of change of study orientation / of school. 4 . Curriculum     Vitae     mentioning:     all     schools     attended,     as     well     as     professional experience or activities with an indication of dates, plus attached copies of diplomas. 5 . Bank    Statement    from    a    solvent    bank    in    Switzerland/abroad    or    Bank    Attestation stipulating    that    you    and/or    your    parents    have    adequate    funding    available    to financially    support    your    living    expenses    of    over    CHF    20'000.--        throughout    the duration of your studies). 6 . Accommodation contract or a confirmation by a landlord/host. 7 . Previous Swiss Residence Permit if any. 8 . Written   undertaking   to   leave   Switzerland   at   the   end   of   the   planned   studies   (Separate letter or attestations, dated and signed, constituting a formal undertaking). 9 . Identity document (copy of passport and the last two Schengen visas if existing). 1 0 . Four identical, recent Schengen-conform passport photographs. As   soon   as you   apply   for   a   B   permit,   it will   take   approximately   4-6 weeks    to   receive your   B permit   card. The   “Contrôle   des   habitants”   can   provide you with   an   attestation   of   residence if   you   ask   for.   This   document   is   proof   that   you   are   now   registered   at   the   “Contrôle   des habitants” and that your permit is in process.
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Working while studying

Foreign   students   may   work   a   maximum   of   15   hours   per   work   during   their   studies,   and   up to   100%   during   semester   breaks.   This   must   be   reported   in   all   cases   to   the   responsible immigration authorities. Students   from   outside   the   EU/EFTA   region   may   only   start   working   six   months   after   the beginning   of   their   studies.   In   these   cases,   the   employer   must   submit   a   corresponding request   for   taking   up   employment   to   ensure   that   an   employment   check   can   be   carried out. Following this, the immigration authorities can issue a work permit. Jobs   can   be   found   in   newspaper   advertisements,   general   employment   websites,   student associations at your university or via the university itself.
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