SIEPS   was   founded   in   1989   under   the   name   of   “Service   d’Information   d’Ecoles   Privées     Suisses SA (Information - Swiss Private Schools & Universities)”. SIEPS   has   more   than   25   years   of   experience    in   the   Swiss   educational   and   real   estate service   industries. The   President   of   SIEPS was   a   founding   member   of   one   of   Europe’s   most recognised business schools located in Switzerland. SIEPS   has   extended   its   Educational   Information   Service   and   created   an   Administrative Centre   for   Students   and   other   candidates;   with   a   separate   section   for   Housing   &   Real Estate Services. Our   extensive   experience   of   more   than   25   years   in   the   Swiss   educational   services   field and   carefully   selected   expert   collaborators   in   other   service   fields,   including   real-   estate, have   made   of   SIEPS   a   one   stop   solution ”   for   all   situations   associated   with   studying   and living in Switzerland.
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