Administrative Services

Students   need   to   be   able   to   concentrate   on   their   studies   in   order   to   have   the   best   return on their considerable investment of effort, time and money. Such   concentration   is   difficult   to   maintain   when   an   entire   series   of   administrative   tasks pile   up   in   need   of   attention.   Cultural   differences   often   lead   to   misunderstandings   and such   tasks   become   literally   overwhelming   if   they   are   formulated   in   a   language   which   the student hardly speaks. The   schools   assist   students   to   a   point.   Many   students   (and   some   parents)   turned   to   SIEPS for   assistance.   This   happened   to   such   an   extent   that   SIEPS   created   an   Administrative Centre for Students & Parents.
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Visa & Permit Application

Advice on handling the entire procedure SIEPS   gives   advice   for   the   compiling   of   the   application,   or   you   may   request   SIEPS   to   take care   of   the   entire   study   visa   &   permit   application   process.   In   such   case,   SIEPS   guides   you through    the    process,    prepares    all    the    documents    and    liaises    with    the    educational institution concerned where required. SIEPS   coordinates   your   various   educational   aspirations,   if   you   have   decided   on   more   than one   option   and   summarises   all   in   a   study   plan which   meets   the   requirements   of   the   Swiss authorities.


From Geneva airport to your place of residence and other locations by arrangement.

Housing / Health / Accident Insurances

Housing Insurance SIEPS obtains quotations on the following insurances linked to housing: Fire insurance: compulsory in most cases. Third    party    liability    insurance:    required    by    Real    Estate    agencies    when    renting housing. Household   insurance   (and   your   personal   goods):   can   be   included   in   the   third   party liability insurance, if you wish to take out such an insurance. Health / Accident Insurance Health    and    accident    insurance    is    compulsory    in    Switzerland.    Students    coming    from outside   Switzerland   may   check   with   the   Swiss   Embassy/Consulate   closest   to   their   place of   residence   as   to   whether   their   local   health   and   accident   insurance   cover,   which   they might   already   have,   is   accepted   in   Switzerland.   If   this   is   not   the   case,   then   please   contact SIEPS or the school in which you are registered.

Account Payments

Straight   forward   and   at   regular   intervals.   Delegate   the   payments   of your   regular      accounts to SIEPS. For    example:     school    fees;    medical    and    accident    insurance    premiums,    telephone    and      electricity    accounts,    residential    taxes,    accommodation    and    car    rentals,    traffic    fines, pocket money. SIEPS   draws   up   receipts   and   payment   schedules   for you   to   audit.   SIEPS   supplies   copies   of all   vouchers.   With   one   transfer    to   SIEPS,   several   creditors    can   be   paid   on   time   through SIEPS.


English, French and German for a general understanding. SIEPS   cuts   across   geographical   boundaries   as well   as   language   barriers   as   SIEPS   is   active throughout Switzerland. Translation   of   general   administrative   and   other   general   texts.   SIEPS   has   a   network   of     professional translators for more specialised translations.

Secretarial and Business Services

Ad   hoc   or   complicated   payments,   requiring   correspondence   with   suppliers,   typing      of assignments,      preparation      of      presentations,      correspondence,      fact      management,        discussions and meetings, negotiations - either in English, French or German.
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